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A quick, non-intrusive lung cancer test from VisionGate helps you keep on doing what you do best.

Our innovative technology means that just a simple sputum sample could detect lung cancer well before other methods can detect anything.

Donʼt wait until symptoms show – take a moment, take our test, and get back to living well.

VisionGate Leading Research Against Lung Cancer

At the Forefront of Novel Science

VisionGate is a biotechnology company leading the battle against lung cancer in high-risk patients using simple non-invasive testing, 3D cell imaging, and a patented AI-powered cancer detection process.

Our Breakthrough


Sputum (phlegm) samples from a deep cough (LuCED° Lung Test) are collected over a three-day period using a take-home test kit.

Cancer Detection

Our AI-based classification of cells can identify 1,000 cell images per second and over 800 3D cell features at a 200 nanometer isotropic resolution.

Patented Cell-CT Imaging

High-resolution 3D images (Cell-CT™) of individual cells contained in the sputum measure hundreds of disease indicators and molecular markers in each cell.


VisionGate’s intellectual property portfolio has comprised over 164 owned patents in 12 countries and the European Patent Office, and more than 16 patents pending.

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