VisionGate’s New Website Illustrates its Mission to Save Lives through Early Detection of Lung Cancer

VisionGate, a Breakthrough Liquid-biopsy Technology Company, Leads the Battle Against Lung Cancer through Early Detection Technology with a Simple, Non-Intrusive Sputum Test.

Lung Cancer AwarenessVisionGate wants you to live your life with peace of mind. That’s why we’ve launched a new website that makes it easy for you to learn more about our advanced lung cancer detection technology. Our new site also features resources to help you better understand the different types of lung cancer and common risk factors.

Our mission is to save lives through early detection and prevention of lung cancer with a simple, non-intrusive test. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, the future is now – thanks to our 3D cell imaging and AI-powered cancer detection process.

We’re backed by a talented team of scientists, researchers and doctors spanning over 150 years of combined experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Our team is bringing the world ground-breaking early-stage lung cancer detection methods to help you live your best life.

Learn more about the life-saving mission and experienced team.

Life-saving Technology: Non-intrusive testing, AI-powered Cancer Detection and Patented Cell-CT imaging

testing color blocksOur patented technology helps ease your mind with 3 easy steps to early detection with an at-home test. No blood draws. No radiation. VisionGate’s LuCED test uses a non-intrusive sputum sample that will be analyzed to determine your risk of lung cancer.

  1. Collect sample: Our team only needs 3 deep cough sputum samples to get started analyzing cells
  2. Input samples into Cell-CT Platform: We scan your sample to compute 3D images of your cells
  3. Analyze your results: With the power of AI, we are able to detect abnormalities in the cell which may suggest early-stage lung cancer

 This advanced technology is safe, accurate and effective. With a high sensitivity rate, we reduce false positives and can even detect lung cancer as early as stage 1.

Learn more about our breakthrough technology.

Early Detection of Lung Cancer Saves Lives

Lung cancer takes more lives than any other cancer. VisionGate is dedicated to changing this by detecting lung cancer before it’s too late. With our test, you won’t have to wait until symptoms show — You’ll be able to take a moment, take our test and get back to living well. 

We’ve put together a lung cancer awareness page to help you learn about common risk factors, lung cancer types and the current detection methods. While this information is not a diagnosis, we want to help you stay informed and have important conversations with your doctor. Because living your life well, free of lung cancer should be easy.

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