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Analyzing Your Cells in 3D

With our Cell-CT Technology

After collecting your deep cough sputum sample, we then input the sample into our patented Cell-CT platform. This technology allows VisionGate to view your cells in 3D and detect abnormal cells that do not appear the same as a healthy cell.

Why 3D Cell Imaging Matters

The Importance of Seeing the Whole Picture

Imagine a map that only displayed roadways without revealing the depth of the land. A map that shows topography reveals a clearer and more accurate picture of the terrain. By adding three dimensions to a cell, this process also allows our team to see the whole picture, what lies below the surface of a cell to its interior structure.

A Comprehensive Solution

Accurate, Safe, and Effective

By capturing 1,000 cell images per second, our Cell-CT platform does the hard work with its ability to correctly identify cell abnormality associated with cancer (sensitivity) while reducing false-positives (specificity). Detecting stage-one lung cancer is achievable with high sensitivity and specificity rates.

Check out our published studies for a more in-depth look at our sensitivity and specificity rates and the impact of these markers.

What’s Next?

After we use Cell-CT on your sample, we analyze using AI-powered technology.

That’s right, our technology is not only accurate, it has a mind of its own. With dynamic learning capabilities, we are better able to classify and identify abnormal cells with the help of artificial intelligence.

VisionGate 3D Сell-imaging СellCT Technology