VisionGate’s Breakthrough Lung Cancer Detection Technologies Help Save Lives

VisionGate’s Non-Intrusive Testing, Patented Cell-CT Imaging and AI-Powered Cancer Detection Work Together to Deliver Early Detection of Lung Cancer.

VisionGate’s mission is backed by cutting-edge technology that is designed to save lives through early detection and prevention of lung cancer. VisionGate’s breakthrough technologies include non-intrusive testing, 3D cell imaging and AI-powered cancer early detection that work together to deliver efficient results.

Our technology includes 3 steps to early detection with an at-home test that requires no blood draws or radiation. VisionGate’s LuCED test uses a non-intrusive sputum sample that will be analyzed to determine your risk of lung cancer.  Our technology is accurate and effective, and with a high sensitivity rate, we reduce false positives and can even detect lung cancer as early as stage 1.

Our talented team of scientists, researchers and doctors are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking early-stage lung cancer detection methods to help you live your best life.

Non-Intrusive Testing

testing color blocksVisionGate’s LuCED test uses a non-intrusive sputum sample that will be analyzed to determine your risk of lung cancer. With only 3 easy steps, this effective method can be done without blood tests or radiation in the comfort of your own home: 

  1. Collect sample: Our team only needs 3 deep cough sputum samples to get started analyzing cells
  2. Input samples into Cell-CT Platform: We scan your sample to compute 3D images of your cells
  3. Analyze your results: With the power of AI, we are able to detect abnormalities in the cell which may potentially suggest early-stage lung cancer

3D-Cell Imaging

VisionGate uses AI-powered technology that pulls and analyzes 3D cells that help determine lung cancer detection. 

We collect your deep cough sputum sample and then input the sample into our patented Cell-CT platform which allows VisionGate to view your cells in 3D and detect abnormal cells that do not appear the same as a healthy cell.

By capturing 1,000 cell images per second, our Cell-CT platform does the hard work with its ability to correctly identify cell abnormality associated with cancer (sensitivity) while reducing false-positives (specificity).

AI-Powered Cancer Early Detection

VisionGate’s AI-powered technology is smart, accurate, and dynamic, and learns about your cells fast and effectively. Our technology has the ability to learn to discover which cells raise red flags and analyzes 3D cell images to detect abnormal cells in lung cancer.

Our technology has the ability to learn and adapt to discover which cells raise red flags and which cells are completely normal in your body. We also are able to see beyond and potentially identify lung dysplasia and opportunities to help those with high risk of bladder, esophagus, breast, pancreas and liver cancer.

We provide a secure, digital review of your test by connecting with talented pathologists worldwide to help examine and analyze your sample.

VisionGate’s Innovative Technologies Let You Get Back to Living Well

VisionGate’s mission is powered by our breakthrough technologies and early detection and prevention of lung cancer.

By creating powerful and innovative solutions, VisionGate is helping individuals find peace of mind through early detection methods and easy, straightforward testing. VisionGate’s state-of-the-art methods help you get back to doing what you do best. 

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