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Easy, Simple

With our Home Test Kit

We only need three morning coughs to get started with early detection. Our sample collection test kit makes things simple by providing you with easy instructions and simple collection methods. Our team will then take it from there.

About Our
LuCED™ Test

The LuCED test starts with a non-intrusive sputum sample that we collect from you and then analyze using our proprietary Cell-CT machine. From this sample, the LuCED test is designed to detect lung cancer early by detecting the abnormal cells.

3 Steps in the LuCED Test

To Ease Your Mind and Continue Living Well

Gathering your sputum sample is simple, easy, and non-intrusive and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about how effective this simple test is in early detection of lung cancer from our published studies and blog.



Our team only needs 3
deep cough sputum samples to get started with analyzing your cells.


Input Samples
into Cell-CT

Using our Cell-CT platform, we scan your sample and compute three dimensional images of your cells.


Analyze Your

Using the power of AI, we are able to detect abnormalities in the cell which may suggest early stage lung cancer.

What’s Next?

After your sample is collected, we process it using our Cell-CT scan.

By creating three dimensional images of your cells, our team is able to accurately assess the cells for abnormalities with our AI powered machine.

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