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    Learn more about LuCED, VisionGate’s non-invasive diagnostic test to aid physicians in the early detection of lung cancer.

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  • Physicians

    LuCED is a non-invasive, cost-effective test to precede, supplement or follow low-dose CT scans.

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    VisionGate has ongoing research opportunities and continues to grow its team of collaborative partners from around the world.

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VisionGate Hires Renowned Chief Medical Officer Dr. Javier Zulueta

Dr. Zulueta led the longest ongoing lung cancer screening trial in Europe


VisionGate’s LuCED Test and New Drug Therapy to Prevent Lung Cancer

Demonstrate Promise in National Surveys of Pulmonologists  


VisionGate’s Alan Nelson Named Academy of Inventors Fellow

Nelson Holds 139 Patents for Inventions Related to Early Cancer Detection


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