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A large-scale clinical study from The National Cancer Institute (NCI) demonstrated that x-ray low dose CT screening sharply reduced lung cancer deaths by detecting cancers at relatively early stages. Patients screened with x-ray low dose CT were 20% less likely to die from lung cancer compared with standard chest x-ray. Annual screening by x-ray low dose CT has the potential to detect lung cancers in their earliest stage, when survival is most promising. The study, while positive, also showed that low-dose CT scans tend to have a high false positive rate – an area for improvement where VisionGate is focused.

A major milestone for lung cancer screening, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) approved reimbursing low-dose CT scans in a high-risk group of patients (ages 55-77 who have smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years) in February 2015, issuing instructions for submitting claims in October 2015 to start accepting claims in January 2016.

About LuCED® Lung Test

The LuCED lung test does not use radiation. Rather, it uses a sputum sample that can be collected through spontaneous coughs over a three-day period using a take-home test kit. Samples collected using our LuCED test kits are shipped to the VisionGate Biosignatures Laboratory (VBL) and then samples are processed on our proprietary Cell-CT technology. The first automated 3D cell imaging platform, this revolutionary technology computes sub-micron resolution biosignatures from intact cells. Cell classifiers then automatically identify abnormal cells in sputum. Please view the Cost-Effectiveness study conducted by the University of Arizona.

VisionGate currently has collaborations or pending IRBs with:

NYU Langone Cancer Center Kaiser Permanente
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Swedish Cancer Institute
Memorial Sloan Kettering Toronto General Hospital
Cancer Treatment Centers of America Dignity Health
Oregon Health & Science University University of Navarra (Spain)
Aristotle University (Greece)

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